company profile

Kursad Logistics is a logistics company based in Manisa/Turkey. In 1997 as our company name was Bayraktar Logistics and at the beginning of 2000, KURSAD has made a commitment to exceed the expectitions of costumer in transport and logistics at all times through quality in people and services. Service include full trucking and other value added global logistics services. Its fleet consisting of alternatively 37 self owned + 20 chartered vehicles enabling to carry different kind of goods....

  • Safe and on time delivery
  • Large vehicle fleet ( all are owned by Kursad)
  • Exclusive customer relations unit
  • Renewed vehicle fleet

It is the outcome of a careful analysis and evaluation of the specific market, taking into account also the tendency of increase volume of commercial exchanges between Turkey and the EU countries, fact that leads to the significant increase in volume and frequency of transport needs. Due to the seriousness and professionalism of our team, in a quite short period we succeeded to gain the trust of an important number of clients/suppliers with high reputation from Bulgaria , Romania, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia Herzogevina, Croatia, Albania, Kosova, Moldovia.As Kursad Logistics, provides all logistics services perfectly. We are structured as that adopts full service policy full equipped infrastructure and perfect communication network.

our mission

Kursad is an innovative company that provides logistics services.

our vision

To become a brand that maintains its position as leader in logistics, creating differences and growing continuously.

quality policy

Kursad Management believes that quality means customer satisfaction and aims to provide services without any faults and reaches superior quality level at a low cost. Accordingly, Kursad adopts the Excellence Approach that properly meets expectations of their customers, employees, suppliers, society and focuses on continuous improvement, learning and innovation.


Kursad Logistics regularly reviews environmental / occupational health and safety hazard sources of its logistics services and undertakes:To improve its performance about the environment and occupational health and safety in line with its purposes and goals. To prevent environmental pollution by using technologies that are environment friendly and that never cause any problem in terms of occupational health and safety in its activities. To prevent any possible work accidents and occupational diseases by providing a healthier and safer working environment. To adopt occupational health and safety / sensitivity to environment as a lifestyle, andTo comply with the current legal and other obligations regarding the environment and occupational health and safety activities.